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Retirement Planning, & Insurance Services in Tampa, Florida

Plan Your Retirement As Early As Now

The goal of retirement planning is to achieve financial independence so that working is an option and the risk of running out of money is eliminated. To help us achieve this goal, we educate you on how to use Traditional & Roth IRA’s plus some alternative strategies to achieve a mix of taxable and tax free income. We are able to help you make sense of your current situation and guide you down a path of saving more money and taking less risk so that you can achieve your retirement income goals.

Even if you haven’t started saving yet, you have a nest egg and don’t know what to do with it or you are already in retirement and would like some help ensuring that your income lasts all of your retirement years.

Planning For Your Future

Whether you are single, in a relationship, or have a family, proper planning is a step we should all be taking in an effort to better our future and the futures of those around us.

Financial planning isn’t just about numbers; it’s about making your dreams and goals available for you and your loved ones through a series of knowledge, resources, and action.  The success of this process is dependent upon the support, dedication, and persistence of the people involved and that is what we are here to do.  We want to partner with you in the creation of your future financial success while developing a long-term relationship with you to assure that those dreams really do come true.

At D’Elia Financial we will assess your current situation to determine what avenues are available to you while assisting in the process of assuring that the goals you set are met.  We will walk you through our three step process to financial success while making sure you’re aware of your options every step of the way.  We consider ourselves a long-term partner, resource, and confidant you can rely on when it comes to all of your financial dealings.

Our three step process includes:

*Protection – Building a solid foundation to grow upon including disability and long-term care insurance, wills, trusts, and umbrella policies.

*Growth – This is where we will grow your wealth and maximize your tax advantages.  We will assess your complete financial portfolio to assure they are working for you to the best of their ability.

*Retirement – This is what you’ve been waiting for!  This is the phase where you get to reap the rewards of the plans we’ve laid while trusting that we are still in the background working to guarantee your continued financial success while you play. This is your time…so what’s next?

Take a look at our process and contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

Retirement Income Planning

We all have different dreams of how we would like to retire. Some of us dream of being able to golf or fish everyday, while others dream of being able to travel and enjoying their grandchildren while they are young. How do you define your retirement? What does a fulfilling retirement mean to you?

You’ve worked hard throughout your life and have done a lot of good. Now you need to make sure that your money lasts throughout your retirement. The amount of income you’ll need is based on a number of considerations: where you’ll live, how much you’ll travel, to what degree you may continue to work, and much more.

With a retirement income plan in place, you will have successfully eliminated the risk of running out of money and can have peace of mind and can rest easier, knowing that this aspect of your future is secured and protected.

A Trusted Relationship, A Plan for Growth

Our relationship means that your phone calls will get answered by a live person or returned within 24 hours.  You will get called when the markets are up or down.  You will receive a call when a child is born or there is a death in the family. You will receive honest, intelligent advice that fits your needs and budget. You become a valued member of our family with direct access to me.

Unlike most financial and retirement advisors, we realize that a successful plan for growth is in the relationship.

Our Protection First Philosophy

We believe that a solid foundation of protection is the key ingredient to a successful financial plan.  Life and disability insurance should be maintained in an amount equal to your full economic value.  You should consult with your auto insurance broker to discuss an excess liability umbrella policy, this is going to protect you in the event of a certain lawsuits.  Lastly you should consult your attorney and make sure that your wills, trusts, and power of attorney’s are in place and updated.

By ensuring that these areas of your life are taken care of, you can rest easy knowing you are fully protected and able to take advantage of opportunities that may arise now or in the future.

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